Backup Hosted Never worry about backups again...

Saving Data to the Cloud

How many times have you been told you should backup your business critical data? It’s a daily ritual, taking home the drives, swapping them out first thing the next morning… the whole process becomes so tedious after a few weeks, the routine is not adhered to as consistently as it should be.

Does this sound familiar in your business? At ozBeanz, we understand small business. We know how important data is and we know that the only time you desperately need to restore a file will be the one day of the year your backups failed. That’s why we created Backup Hosted!

Backup Hosted

Backup Hosted performs it’s magic in the background. We take encrypted copies of your data and store it away in a secure data centre ready for ‘if or when’ you need it. We monitor it’s performance every day and we get alerts when something goes wrong so we can take action to go and get a new copy of your data.

Service Features include:

  • Completely Automated – An online, off-site backup solution that once configured runs completely by itself. Select the files and the frequency of your backups and Backup Hosted will do the rest! Backup Hosted is a simple and secure backup solution that delivers daily reports to your inbox, giving you peace of mind that your critical data is safe!
  • Flexible & Intelligent – Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS and FreeBSD 5.4. Intelligent incremental backup of changed data only. Backup Hosted can backup all kinds of data – documents, email, exchange, SQL etc.
  • Simple to Restore Files – Let’s face it, a backup solution is only as good as it’s ability to restore data. Backup Hosted has the ability to restore a single file. It will also restore deleted files and older versions of a file if needed.
  • Totally Secure – Backup Hosted offers military strength encryption (up to 448 bit) of your data and it’s encrypted even before it leaves your computer or server.

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