Brisbane Data Centre


We are often asked where we host our applications and servers we deliver to clients around the world. The true answer is we use more than one facility and this is done for redundancy reasons to ensure the safety of the data through just about every possible peril. Whilst we can’t give a 100% guarantee, we go as far as possible given the current technology and the number of hours in a day to make sure we have multiple copies of your data and in multiple locations. Most of our redundancy decisions are based on ‘time to recover’ so for a simple restore of a lost or corrupted file, the process takes around 15 minutes. However, if we were to lose an entire server, the restore might take something up to an hour.

Our main data centre facility is located in Brisbane simply because of proximity and the wonderful, first class support we get out of Brisbane. Whilst we can’t discuss every aspect of the facilities we use, we can assure our clients we use ‘best-practice’ and world class data centres to ensure we deliver the best possible service. The image here is an actual image from our Brisbane facility.

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