Business Grade Internet Secure Private Taffic with Unlimited Data...

Secure Private Business Internet

If your office is suffering from Internet ‘melt-down’ perhaps it’s time to move up to a Business Grade Internet connection with ozBeanz. Business Grade InternetADSL connections with poor upload speeds can bring your office productivity to its knees. As soon as everyone arrives in the morning and their mobile devices start syncing with the cloud using the office WiFi, productivity comes to a standstill. If this sounds like your office, it’s time to upgrade and put the problems of ADSL behind you.

Managed Business Ethernet

A managed Business Ethernet plan from ozBeanz delivers a guaranteed performance right to your front door. Coupled with Unlimited data, a fully managed Cisco 800 series gateway, static IP address and detailed traffic, Simple Network Management Protocol and Netflow statistics every month, you’ll never be in the dark again about exactly what is happening over your Internet connection

Providing your business is connected to an ‘enabled’ telephone exchange, we can have your new Internet connection enabled in just a few days.

Even if your connected exchange is not enabled for our Managed Business Ethernet plan, we might even be able to deliver better speeds, better data allowance and better visibility than you currently get from your existing Internet Service Provider.

Starting from as little as $110 per month, we have plans that suit ‘most’ small businesses. If you join your new Business Grade Internet plan with our Gateway Border Protection service, your business communications can finally deliver results the way you always expected.

Service Features include:

  • No installation or setup fee (until 30th June 2015)
  • Managed Cisco 800 series Router installed, configured & secured for no additional cost.
  • Unlimited traffic on the EFM & MBE plans and up to 200GB per month on the ADSL2+ plan, both upload and download – on-peak and off-peak
  • Monthly traffic statistics so you can see where your data is going
  • Compatible with existing network infrastructure
  • Business hours support from the team of technicians at ozBeanz
  • Up and running in a few days if your local telephone exchange is compatible

Additional Features include:

Network Visibility

Data Security

Faster Speeds

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!