Business Intelligence Turn your MYOB company file into 'REAL' business intelligence...

Business Intelligence for MYOB Hosted

Getting up to date Business Intelligence from company records is the goal of every business owner. Answers to difficult business decisions is often already contained within the recorded data but extracting it into meaningful and intelligent reports is where the system fails.

Business Intelligence for MYOB Hosted is a solution that enables business owners to ‘dive’ into their MYOB data, quickly create reports on up-to-date data and present it in a way that enables critical analysis for business growth.

BI4MYOB_DashboardIf you track inventory, Business Intelligence for MYOB will even alert when stock levels are low or one of your branches has sold an item below the pre-defined margin giving you the power to act in your business and make decisions based on facts.

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 Service Features include:

  • Design interactive Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Automatically Email Reports and Alerts daily, weekly and monthly
  • Save and share your customised Favourite Reports
  • Export reports to Excel for further manipulation
  • Favourite Reports for Sales and Inventory with Jobs, GL, AP, AR and Purchasing coming soon
  • Analyse, Pivot, Chart, Visualise, Compare and Detail reporting with drill-down
  • Change report dimensions, chart types, date ranges, sorting, grouping and filters

Additional Features:

Ease of Access and Simplicity

Business Intelligence for MYOB works seamlessly with our MYOB Hosted so you can now have your favorite MYOB AccountRight application available from any Internet connected  PC and also get your Business Intelligence quickly and easily. Analyse, chart, pivot, compare and drill-down into your MYOB data unlike ever before, all in just a few clicks.

Customised Reporting

Instantly create and save customised reports from your MYOB data and export reports to Excel for further analysis. Print reports to your local printer or PDF writer application.

Business Intelligence

Create rich Visualisations and interactive Dashboards including Annotated Times Lines, Area Charts, Gauges, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Geo Charts (heat maps), Motion Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Charts, Table Charts and more (internet connection required)
BI for MYOB Information Flyer

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