Gateway Border Protection Protect one of your most valuable business assets...

Security at the Perimeter

As the number of ‘Bring Your Own’ devices continues to grow, the ever present threat of costly infection continues to grow in risk. Staff are now arriving at work with smartphones, iPads and a vast array of Internet connected devices all demanding valuable bandwidth. If you hand over the keys Gateway Border Protectionto the wireless access point at the office, you expose your computer network to an ever increasing demand for service from your already overloaded Internet plan.

Network Security

Our Gateway Border Protection solution is a cloud-delivered network security service, that will deliver automated protection against advanced attacks for any company device. Gateway Border Protection protects devices anywhere and stays always up-to-date with no hardware to install, no software to maintain and no admin intervention required.

Easily secure devices inside or outside the network perimeter via auto-updated lightweight agents that predictively block connections to malicious infrastructures, greatly reducing the risk of infections or the need for a time-consuming and costly cleanup.

The Global Network handles more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100 percent up-time.

From as little as $20 a month, you could quite possibly begin the biggest productivity increase initiative your business has seen in a long time!.

Service Features include:

  • Network protection at the perimeter…24/7/365
  • No need to reroute every connection through proxy or VPN gateways to secure mobile users or remote offices.
  • Just send all network traffic to our Gateway Border Protection servers first!
  • Nothing to learn, just decide what category of web traffic to block and you’re done
  • Be 100% in control of the traffic passing into your network
  • Business hours support from the team of technicians at ozBeanz
  • Up and running in minutes from the moment we receive your application

Additional Features include:


Get a report in your email and see the top 10 sites visited by your network and the top 10 sites being blocked. See which sites your staff are accessing and choose whether to allow or block the traffic.

Data Security

Make changes to your security settings at any time and see them propagate almost instantly. Got a site you need to allow for an hour or a day… no problems. Individual domains can be targetted for blocking or an exception to a rule can be allowed for a site that might be in a category that is classified as dangerous.

Recover Bandwidth

If you are concerned about where all your valuable bandwidth disappears to between 8.30am and 11.00am every morning… Gateway Border Protection from ozBeanz is your solution. Stop the unnecessary consumption and take back control to leave Internet usage for those business critical tasks.

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