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At ozBeanz, we have been delivering hosting services for small businesses since 2008. From point-of-sale suites to our flagship MYOB Hosted solution.

Small business clients across 14 countries around the world access their applications from our data centre in Brisbane. Companies of ALL sizes are moving their data and applications to the cloud.

So why move to the cloud? It’s simple. Owning your own small business server hardware is costly and inefficient. Power, cooling, support and troubleshooting are just some of the many hazards of owning hardware. Servers on premise are usually fine for the first two years but when disaster strikes… they give little or no warning and exposes most business to a world of pain and expense. On the other hand, what if you left all that worry of maintenance and disaster-proofing to a Hosting partner for a fraction of the cost?

We host full business servers connected to the cloud and accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. We also host just an application delivered to your Desktop accessible via a simple login.

About Our Data Centre

Our primary data centre is located in Brisbane and is a purpose built Tier 2 facility. The data centre is equipped with redundancy, connectivity and physical security that is second to none. It is a premium carrier neutral facility, with N+1 redundancy in all primary systems, including power, UPS, network and cooling. An onsite generator with 48 hours fuel protects the facility from extended power outages, and a service contract is in place to receive further fuel within 2 hours if required.

The core of the network is powered by dual load Brisbane_Data_Centrebalanced Cisco 7206VXR routers which have multiple fibre connections through diverse paths to carriers such as PIPE Networks, Telstra, Optus (AAPT), Nextgen and Vocus. Furthermore a Microwave link between the data centre and PIPE Networks DC4 is present in case of terrestrial problems with the fibre in the ground. This was highlighted by the recent Brisbane floods which affected some providers and their fibre under the ground. During flood disaster we did not suffer any downtime due to the extensive redundant design of the facility.

We exclusively uses top of the line HP servers and EMC SANs for all VMware ESX servers, and high performance Cisco Catalyst switches, routers and firewalls for all network connectivity. All server, SAN and network components are configured with redundancy, ensuring maximum uptime even in the event of equipment failure. The combination of these superior components, combined with VMware’s VMotion, HA (High Availability) and DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) allows ozBeanz to offer 99.999% uptime to all virtual machines housed in our facility.

Physical security in the facility is maintained by proximity card readers at the data centre entrance, and finger print security to the main data centre floor. Monitored CCTV cameras ensure all activities in the data centre are monitored and recorded. Network security is protected by a pure Cisco network of Cisco routers and firewalls.

All ozBeanz virtual machines are backed up daily, with full VM and single file based restores available. All backups are stored for 14 days, and are based on a rolling 14 day incremental backup cycle (with the last backup available always being a full backup).

Whatever the need, we have an Application or Server Hosted solution that will suit your business.

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