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Managed Network Services

Our Managed Network Services (MNS) platform continually monitors the stability and security of your IT network so you experience maximum network uptime, increased efficiency and more time to focus on your core business functions.Managed Network Services Traditionally, IT service desks were only available to large corporate networks. Now we have tools that can monitor and alert right down to a single PC giving our small business clients the benefits of having their own IT service department on the other end of the phone.

Regardless of where your offices are located, out technicians can resolve network and desktop problems remotely which means you get issues resolved today.

Service Features include:

  • Less time spent on IT concerns is more time spent nurturing your customers and growing your business
  • Regular maintenance and support services are performed stealthily without disrupting your employees or workflow
  • Customised reporting provides complete visibility into your network health and IT assets, allowing for timely budgeting of IT expenses
  • Managed services ensure your IT network and assets remain operational for a pre-established monthly fee, allowing you to avoid unexpected expenses and reducing your overall IT costs
  • Our RMM allows mobile access to customers, ensuring 24/7 service and support
  • We can handle all recurring maintenance tasks so you don’t have to, including Windows updates, disk defragmentation and disk cleanups to ensure your devices are properly updated and maintained at all times
  • All system maintenance is performed during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions to your network

Additional Services:

Gateway Border Protection (GBP)

Our Gateway Border Protection service protects your network from undesired Internet traffic including malicious software, malware threats and non-approved web traffic. We can also limit the consequences of bandwidth ‘squeeze’ leaving Internet resources more able to deliver business critical services to your people.

Rapid Support Service (RSS)

Many small businesses just need access to a qualified technician to solve simple annoyances. Our Rapid Support Service provides for desktop protection for malware, spyware and virus’ whilst at the same time delivering remote technical support at a ‘preferred’ rate. Whilst not the FULL suite of network monitoring and alerting, often this level of support is sufficient for a small business requiring immediate attention to a wide range of desktop or server issues.

Hardware & Software Services (HSS)

We can recommend and deliver a wide range of IT infrastructure suitable for your business and network. We source quality peripherals on behalf of our clients that are fully supported and configured especially suited to your network. We might not always be the cheapest for our hardware & software items but we support what we sell and we recommend only items we know work.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Management of Apple iOS® and Android™ platform mobile devices, including effortless enrolment of new and existing devices; configuration of devices to enforce company policies and procedures; collection of relevant hardware and software data; and implementation of safety policies and restrictions, including password requirements, number of login attempts before a device locks, app store accessibility and auto-wipe actions in case of a misplaced or stolen device. Whether devices are personally owed or company provided, MDM lets your employees enjoy the benefits of remote connectivity while keeping your company information safe and secure.

Customised Reports

Customised reports provide an insight into your IT system, including executive summaries, status reports, configuration and inventory statistics, keeping you informed of the services you receive and the status of your IT network. We can have those reports in your inbox as frequently as you require. Our network reports are part of our full Managed Network Service and deliver regular insight into the performance of your IT infrastructure together with detailed analysis of what exists in your network. Need an audit of your software? We can produce an audit of every machine we mange.

Remote Technical Support

Your employees will receive fast, secure, remote technical support. Our built-in help desk ticketing system and on-demand remote connection streamlines technician response time for quick and efficient resolution of all employee support issues. Our full Managed Network Service delivers the full suite of remote support and monitoring capabilities including pre-contracted remote technical support.

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