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Why host applications in the cloud?

Firstly, before I answer that question, it is important to explain exactly what is this mythical thing called the “cloud”. When you hear the term “the cloud” what is being referred to is a bunch of computers in a data centre somewhere in the world. The explanation gets a bit […]

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services Freezing

Every now and then we get a new client that reports a ‘freezing’ of their MYOB Hosted session. Don’t think you are pioneering something new or have discovered some new way of getting a ‘milky’ white appearance on your computer screen. The ‘freezing’ can be caused by several factors and […]

Small Business SEO

Small Business Guide to Climb the Search Engine Rankings

In this article we are going to explore some strategies that are not quite as well known for optimising your web page rankings in order to attract much larger volumes of the Internet search traffic and more importantly, the right kind of search engine traffic; hungry buyers for your goods […]


Using Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. It is a technology for delivering a desktop or applications of a remote PC or server to your local computer. Previously it was called Terminal Services and some technicians still refer to it by […]

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