PBX Hosted – Call Centre Edition


PBX Hosted – Call Centre Edition

In today’s cut throat market, businesses of all sizes must be seen to be providing superior customer service to their existing and potential customers. PBX Hosted does just that with all of the call centre features of a traditional business grade telephone system, at a fraction of the cost.


The Wallboard is fully customisable and it allows you to view real time statistics on:

  • The number of calls waiting to be answered
  • The average wait time
  • The total number of calls answered
  • The total number of calls abandoned
  • The total talk time

Web Reports

The Web Reports Feature allows you to view:

  • Call logs & statistics
  • Extension statistics
  • Queue & agent statistics
  • Abandoned calls and much more!

Call Back

The Call Back feature allows your customers to hang up and retain their position in the queue.

The customer will automatically be called back when an agent becomes available.

No more missed calls or voicemails to follow up!


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