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Voice over Broadband

Our Voice over Broadband service is a suite of communications and data technologies designed to deliver the very best quality voice and data services. In delivering an end-to-end solution, we can ensure our clients have a working solution that can be fully supported and provide the features and benefits expected of a professional solution.

Integrated Business Communications

Unify your communications with Voice over Broadband – an Internet Phone & Data System that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard Internet soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional Public Switched Telephone Network phone lines. Your Voice over Broadband solution also deliver synchronous Private WAN Internet, My PBX Hosted and cheap call rates for local, interstate and overseas calls.ip_phone_web

The Voice over Broadband System eliminates phone wiring and allows users to easily work remotely. Unified Communications ‘presence’ means knowing when your collegues are on the phone, when to arrange a group phone meeting or even when to whisper to a trainee while they have a client on the phone. The service includes a FULL end-to-end suite of products to ensure you receive the best quality voice and data communications available today.

Service Features include:

  • Purchase cost dramatically lower than a traditional hardware PBX
  • Scalable – Unlimited extensions and phone lines. No proprietary expansion modules needed!
  • Web based configuration & status indication – Easy phone system management
  • Unified Communications – Receive voice mail via email & see user presence
  • Auto-Attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.)
  • Reduce long distance and inter office call costs
  • No more expensive proprietary system phones – Use standard IP phones
  • Eliminate the phone wiring and make moving offices easier
  • Easy call control, presence and extension management
  • Click to Dial & Call Pop-up for Microsoft Outlook
  • Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways or cards
  • Halve your phone bill by using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect!
  • Out of the box configuration for many VoIP Providers, VoIP Gateways, Skype™ and IP Phones

Additional Features:

Private WAN Internet

Let ozBeanz plan and build your voice solution from the ground up. That means, putting your voice communications on the very best foundations to ensure we never see the cracks later on. No need to deal with three or four different companies, we know what works so why not use our experience to get the most feature rich, award winning voice solution into your business.

On-hold Messages

Professional voice prompts and ‘while you wait’ messages are now integral to a professional communications system. You callers are expecting to hear about your products and services while they wait on-hold. They also expect to be directed to the right department so a professional voice prompt means your inbound calls can go straight to the right person.

My PBX Hosted

Never buy expensive hardware again. Hosting your phone system gives you peace of mind that in three years time, you won’t be needing to update or replace phone system hardware. We take care of all the features, updates and enhancements to your voice infrastructure and from just $18 per extension per month, it’s simple worry-free peace of mind.

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